Petro Capital Funds provides growth and acquisition capital to small cap companies in the North American oilfield services and E&P sectors.

Our investment professionals have over 40 years of investment experience in the energy industry and understand how to structure investments that can be successful across commodity price cycles.  The experience and backgrounds of the Petro Capital Funds investment professionals have produced risk-adjusted, industry-leading returns across over 40 transactions.

Investment Strategy

Petro Capital Funds seeks high risk-adjusted returns through current income and long-term capital growth. 

Petro Capital Funds emphasizes downside protection through asset coverage and near-term growth behind leading managers.  Petro Capital Funds is frequently called upon to invest multiple times in our clients to support growth.

Investment Structure

We structure our investments to accommodate the particular needs of each client. There is no "standard form."

Petro Capital Funds' investments are typically structured as debt instruments, although we also invest in the equities of our clients. Investment sizes generally range between $1 - $20 million, with larger amounts syndicated to our limited partners.


Senior Level Attention

One of our principal advantages is active engagement by its senior personnel on every transaction. Consequently, clients receive response and informed feedback concerning their transaction on a quick timeline.